Thursday, April 23, 2009

:: DifficultLife ::

Two tremendous news wanna share today
good or bad first ?
perhaps good thing comes before bad things
the good thing was i managed to finish my physics assignment 2 by today
phew...once again i'm free
i can continue with my gaming session
my sleeping session
my eating session
for few more days

Bad events always happen after the good one disappeared as i said
FINAL examination is coming soon
omg..i can barely gasp for air after completing one difficult task and another
but the final exam was just few weeks from now
i can say that i don't even revise one of the subjects since mid term test
what a shame..

Why does these always happen in my life ?
time really passed with a speed of light
it will walk pass you whenever u did not notice about its existence i need to struggle again this time ?
i hate the 临时抱佛脚 habit of mine
but 江山易改,本性难移
hard to control myself from doing it

I think good things will reappear after we gone thru those suffering events
let's do it together my friends
afterall, life is sweet
dont you think so ?

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

:: 樱花树下 - 张敬轩 ::







Saturday, April 18, 2009

:: WasteOfTime ::

Doing my physics lab report while listening to songs
and the report this time is freaking extremely long
only the theory part already used up almost 2 pages
furthermore, the diagram is so difficult to draw
complicated procedures made the report even worse
aiks.. envy those who submitted it last week

Come to think what i've done today..
woke up at 1230 as i hit the bed 0230 this morning
had my 'brunch' as i was 'fungry'
surfed the net for few minutes
and began my journey to the FRoZeN THRoNe
i started my report at about 1530 looks like a waste of time
and final exam coming soon
argh ... where got enough time to study all those shits ?
i am not a machine
i am only human
but every human has 24 hours
and i still keep complaining of having no time to do this to do that
what a shame ~

from tomorrow on i'll cut down my time on games
cut down my time on sleeping
cut down my time on eating
so that i'll perfectly fit to the schedule
spend more time on study perhaps
hope it'll be successful
arigatou gozaimasu

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

:: 每天 - 纪佳松 ::

还以为 是浪漫的雾景
我呼吸 被污染的空气
雪不再结成了冰 我们 将沉没
阳光太遥远 还剩下什么 能留到最后

一年了 候鸟没有回来
飞不远 变成谁的晚餐
站在摩天高楼顶 瞬间 变平地
永远是什么 一转眼就崩落

you are my everyday
oh 每一天 就像在预告

you are my everyday
oh 想你最初的容貌
你是否还愿意感觉 得到

后悔吗 tell me why
像伤害 我最爱的人

you are my everyday
oh 每一天 就像在预告

you are my everyday
oh 想你最初的容貌
你是否还愿意感觉 得到

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

:: BusyVSInsecureLife ::

It's once again another busy day for me
filled with tones of assignments and homeworks
which enough to make me kill myself
i hope i can control myself from doing that before i graduated

There's a chinese orchestra organized by CLS of MMU yesterday
my friend and me stayed back until 1930 just for that event
we went back by bus at about 2230 right after the show
as usual we waited the bus for more than one hour
however i managed to reach home by 0015 this MORNING

I was in such a surprise this morning when my friend told me that he had been robbed
just because of going home late
and the dummy bus driver dropped him at the wrong place
he left no choice and had to take on a motorbike that a Malay driving it, offered to him
half way of the journey, the Malay complained that his motobike's out of fuel and went down to check
the guy also asked for my friend's handphone to call for help
when my friend's trying to help him up with his motorbike
the guy sped up his motorbike instantly so that he can own the handset without being chased
fotunately my friend can hold on the motorbike as far as he could until the motorbike really broke down this time
the Malay guy still dare to ask for money from my friend right after that
my friend quickly snatch back his handphone and threw 30 bucks to him

I think i should call my dad to fetch us after the orchestra instead of taking bus
if i did he'll never lose the 30 bucks
sorry buddy ~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

:: RainyDay ::

It's still a rainy day
perhaps it's a good day for some other people
but too bad not for me
as it makes me extremely uncomfortable as i can feel the heats are trapping me
which made my body sticky
it really causes the uneasiness and frustration in me
hope that the downpour will stop as soon as possible

This new blog is created due to some personal reasons
i decided to abandon the previous blog and start with a brand new one
hope that everyone was informed
sorry for inconvenience

Looks like the rain gonna stop soon
it's time for me to leave
as the shiny sunlight can be seen
and the fresh air comes to me once again
wish that i can update this blog whenever i have free time